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Avoiding Crisis; Donate The Change supports charities left behind by Fourth Industrial Digital Revolution


Charities in the UK are the supporting crutch of society providing; protection, guidance, care, and improvement to a whole range of areas. Their work is invaluable, even in the face of government funding cuts and economic uncertainty these organisations always provide an open door to those in need.

In recent times the changes in customer behaviour and trends toward favouring card over cash payments has raised another challenge for charities to ensure they can protect their revenue streams in the years to come. Unlike the CAF UK Giving Report 2017 which suggests that cash remains the most common way to donate to charity, trends from the Nonprofit Tech For Good “2018 Global Trends in Giving Report” indicate that over 50% (46% in Europe; 60% North America ) prefer to donate via online methods using credit and debit cards with only around 10-12% preferring to give via cash. This is a significant shift in the way customers like to engage with nonprofit organisations across the globe and highlight the importance for charities to evaluate their strategy to adapt with this emerging consumer trend.

Digital is a hot topic amongst charities and many are making good progress in implementing digital strategies and providing a wider option of fundraising and interaction methods for their supporters. The Nonprofit Tech For Good Report concludes that technological advances are lessening the generational differences in regard to online giving and digital communications making givers more homogeneous, which highlights that charities need to focus on digital within their strategies moving forward. However, findings from Nesta’s “Going Digital” paper indicate that whilst some charities are “leading the way in designing new technologies to address key social issues, many are being held back by a range of organisational issues, including a lack of suitable funding.”

More worryingly Geoff Muglan, Chief Executive of Nesta, speaking at the NPC Ignites Conference suggested that the third sector is mainly ‘bystanders’ to the fourth industrial revolution*. The civil society is described as ‘scarcely using new technology’ or contributing to the developments in technology to help shape it for social good and runs the risk of having the technology used against them. However, we appreciate that with all the challenges facing charities it is difficult to spend time, money and resources in investing in new solutions or knowing how to proactively contribute to the fourth industrial revolution.

At Donate The Change we wanted to create a solution that could be utilised by charities of all shapes and sizes and a service that could be instantly adopted by their supporters without any setup costs or management fees. Best of all the charities themselves do not need to undertake the expensive innovation research or development because we do it for them, giving them even more time to focus on achieving their goals. We have built the technology directly with the third sector at its heart, but we also believe in collaborating to ensure that Donate The Change serves the best interests of the nonprofit organisations and remains a useful tool to both charities and their supporters.

It is our hope that by working alongside charities and nonprofit organisations we can build a solution that brings excitement back into fundraising and allows donors to interact with the causes they care about in a new way.

*This term is used to describe the developments in the technology space such as Artificial Intelligence (AI).