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Giving back to you, so you can help others. Receive a great selection of benefits and offers by using our cards or payment wearables and automatically send your spare change to a charity of your choice.

  • New Contactless Payment Wearables

    New Contactless Payment Wearables

    Including rings and stylish jewellery collections.
  • New Tech Features

    New Tech Features

    Innovative and easy to use features in our new app.
  • Chip and PIN cards

    Chip and PIN cards

    Lets you pay online and in store. 3 designs to choose from!
  • Give and Save as you live

    Give and Save as you live

    We give you extra money for you to give or save.
  • Member Benefits club

    Member Benefits club

    Worth thousands of pounds per year in savings, offers and more.
  • Donation Accelerator

    Donation Accelerator

    Help the charities you care about with extra donations from partnered brands when you shop.
  • Free Rewards

    Free Rewards

    Hand picked rewards from our retail partners.
  • FREE for Charities

    FREE for Charities

    No fees taken from donations or gift aid.
  • Boosting Corporate CSR Giving

    Boosting Corporate CSR Giving

    Let us show you how the same £10 donated via Donate The Change can grow up to 5 times for the receiving charity!

Give as you

The easiest way to support your charity, on your terms.

How it works

Donate The Change is a revolutionary new way to support the charity that means most to you, on the terms that you are comfortable with.

Pick a charity and select donation rules, such as Round Up

Join the Donate The Change Club for great discounts and offers

Pay with card or payment wearable

Your spare change is automatically donated

Feel great! Save. Spend. Give

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