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Donate The Change

We are committed to finding a way to reducing the charity’s fundraising costs to zero

Donate The Change

Donate The Change puts charitable giving at the heart of everyday spending.

We know that charities are finding it harder and harder to collect spare change in our increasingly cashless society. We also know that people want to give to charity but on their own terms.

If you don’t want to be tied down to monthly direct debits or you don’t have spare change handy for charity buckets, then we have the answer.

This autumn we’ve launched a new service which puts you in control of donating your spare change. With your support, let’s fill the holes in charity buckets in a more convenient and cost effective way. Donate your spare change without even thinking about it, when you pay for things with a Donate The Change contactless accessory.

Donate the Change is a safe and secure way to give and every donation is 100% tracked. If that’s not enough, we even reward you for using the service. So the more you use your funky accessory to pay, the more treats and offers you can claim.


Using innovation to drive more regular donations whilst reducing the charity’s cost of fundraising to zero. We put charitable giving at the heart of everyday spending.

Meet the Team

We are a hand-picked yet eclectic bunch of ex-corporate professionals who wanted to use our skills and experience for ‘good’ and create a company culture that is diverse, flexible and fun to work in. A healthy mix of boys and girls, between us we have over 100 years of experience in business across finance, technology, marketing and operations.

of people

Changed their behaviour or felt more positive as a result of donating in the past. This is what we’ve been trying to tell everyone! Giving makes you feel great!

Donate The Change
Donate the change Video

How does it work?

  • 1

    You set the rules – how much change do you want to donate? Round up to the nearest pound or add a little extra to each payment. You can also set a cap so you don’t donate more than you want to in any given month:

    • simple
    • rewarding
    • transparent
  • 2

    All of the accessories have a mini contactless pre pay card inside. Load it up and Tap the accessory on the contactless card reader to pay, just like you do with your bank card

  • 3

    As you pay for you lunch or coffee using the accessory the rule is triggered and a donation is automatically made to your charity at the same time.

  • 4

    For example, if you’ve set your rules to round up to the nearest pound. Your lunch cost £4.80, so 20p is donated!

  • 5

    We even say thanks for using the service with our rewards programme.