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Younger Donors Pledge to Donate More Than Parents’ Generation This Christmas


Christmas is a special time of year that brings people together to celebrate and share gifts. It is therefore no surprise that it is an important time for UK charities to raise funds for those less fortunate than ourselves and benefit from the generosity of donors at this time of year.

This year the Charity Commission and Fundraising Regulators’ survey, looking into charitable giving throughout the Christmas period, has revealed that younger people (18-24 year olds) planned to give on average £31.29. This represents a higher donation average than those aged 45-54 who only planned to give £29. The results from this survey are interesting as previous reports in the year have suggested that younger people are less inclined to give to charity compared to older generations and were instead more likely to donate their time.

Furthermore younger people are more likely to carry out checks on a charity before donating. Over half carry out online checks on the charity. This indicates that younger donor are ‘savvier and more generous’ compared to only 29% of older generations who indicated that they would carry out checks before donating to a charity. This may not be surprising following the increased levels of the distrust in charities, resulting in individuals wanting to conduct checks before donating their hard earned cash to make sure it goes to a legitimate cause.

Helen Stephenson, chief executive of the Charity Commission, said: “This research shows that Christmas remains a time of generous charitable giving, and that is to be celebrated. I’m particularly pleased that young people give generously, but also that they are more likely to make basic checks before giving to their chosen charity than people from their parents’ generation.

“This hints at a welcome shift in the public’s relationship with charities and shows why charities should be open and transparent about the way they are run and how they spend their money. By doing so they can encourage donors’ trust and generosity.”

We hope that 2017 has been a successful fundraising year for all UK charities and that donations have helped them to achieve some valuable goals.


This article was inspired by Kirsty Weakley’s “Younger donors are ‘savvier and more generous’, says regulators’ poll”, 18th December 2017, Civil Society.