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Trends from our Beta Launch: Revolutionising Charitable Giving


Donate the Change is a UK based Social Impact FinTech business providing a unique digital fundraising solution to charities. This enables charities to create communities of engaged donors making regular micro-donations using the latest contactless payment technology. We automatically turn every contactless payment point-of sale terminal in the UK into a charity donation point without any merchant involvement. Seamless and frictionless.

The Donate The Change micro-donation beta programme launched its contactless wearables in November 2017. The data from the last 4 months is revealing some interesting trends.

The service enables supporters (donors) to go about their normal day, buying things using one of our clever contactless payment accessories, and with each purchase the donation rule they have set is automatically triggered to donate the change to their chosen charity. As supporters engage with the service, either by using their payment accessory, or by conducting actions within the mobile app, we believe it will create a closer relationship between the charity and the supporter. In addition supporters are appreciated, thanked, and rewarded at various intervals with something free of charge from our network of retail partners.

We have found that our range of silicone bracelets are the most popular Donate The Change accessories from our collection that features keyrings, silicone and faux leather bracelets.


Since launching we have seen growth of over 300% in average monthly donations per donor and nearly £90 per donor per month of money being loaded onto each wearable. In addition average transaction values have also increased by over 400%.  This is fantastic news and proves that donors trust the Donate the Change service and it’s becoming habitual.


To help charities address the challenges around data and consent (particularly looking at the imminent GDPR legislation) our service provides the ideal opportunity to re-engage with donors on the issue of opt-in marketing consent. Even at this early stage 59% of donors are expressly opting into charity marketing. These are encouraging numbers that provide charities with an additional channel to communicate and engage with supporters, helping to share their valuable work and charity updates.

In addition we have found that close to 70% of our donors have opted in for Gift Aid which is fantastic news for charities who are receiving 100% of all donations and Gift Aid from Donate The Change (we don’t take any fees at all from our launch partners).

Providing choice and control over donation rules, placing users in control of how much of their spare change they donate, is a unique feature of Donate The Change. The chart below indicates the most popular donation rules selected by users so far are “Round Up” and “Add a Fixed Amount”.


The insights and trends emerging from the early days of our beta programme have indicated that society is interested and actively seeking new ways to support the charities they care about and are shaping their behaviour to habitually use their Donate The Change accessory as a payment and donation method. As our programme continues to expand and mature we will generate enhanced insights that will enable us to shape the service, improving the experience for customers and charity partners.
If you would like to help us with the next accessory, let us know which card design you like best;

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