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Partner Opportunities

We work with a variety of like-minded partners in a number of sectors.

For charities

We are passionate about helping charities of all shapes and sizes. To create a level playing field we offer our service for FREE to charities, with 100% of donations and all eligible Gift Aid going to your charity. In return, all we ask from a charity partner is that you let your donors know about the service and help us promote Donate The Change. Don’t worry, we can provide all the content and material needed.

For brands

Our service provides a fantastic platform to reach customers and drive new business. If your brand would like to be featured on our platform you have the opportunity to showcase your offering and provide Donate The Change members with something special. This could be a discount, offer or even a one-off prize draw. It doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact day-to-day benefits are becoming increasingly valued by customers.  This is a great opportunity for your brand to be recognised as doing good and giving back to society, as well as communicating with a highly engaged audience through marketing opportunities.

For publishers

Our partner publishers typically have a clearly defined audience of members / viewers who would benefit from our service. We reach commercial agreements with Publishers on the basis that they can help to support our Charity partners.

For corporate organisations

Our donation accelerator is a clear benefit to all charities and the people they help. If you are a Corporate and give £10 to a Charity, they benefit by £10.

Let us show you how the same £10 donated via Donate The Change can grow up to 5 times for the receiving charity!

For organisations with a payment service

(prepaid card issuers, banks, payment wearable companies etc)

Our mission is to revolutionise the way people give to charity and part of that is spreading the adoption of Donate The Change far and wide. If your business offers a payment service to your customers why not get in touch to see how Donate The Change could be an exciting new feature that your customers will love and can help you meet CSR objectives.

Think Donate The Change could be the solution for you? We cannot commit to working with everyone who applies, but we will always try to find a way if there is a benefit to Charities or society in general. Contact for more information.