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New report shows charities more confident than ever with digital


The New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) has released a new report that asked 400 charity leaders how they were adapting to deliver their social impact in today’s challenging context, and the insights have been really interesting.

Whilst it is not the first time we have heard that charities are looking to utilise digital tools and methods to improve their service, it is encouraging to see that 73% of respondents stated that a greater use of digital technology had been discussed at board level in the last 12 months. This indicates an acknowledgement by charities that they need to look into integrating new digital methods in their future strategies.

On the other hand, Moorut suggests that there is a lack of “ digital literacy ” within charities, and this is where the opportunities lie for charities to collaborate and harness new networks that enable the charities to bring about change. The NPC report highlights the opportunity to take advantage of digital methods to transform the way these organisations work; to re-evaluate their current activities, embrace risk and form new partnerships.

This could potentially mark a new era for charities that is responsive and adaptive, paving the way for a new culture that views their supporters not as consumers but as ‘change makers’. The NPC encourages charities to “support and empower people to make a difference for themselves and their communities”.

We believe that Donate The Change will provide an opportunity for charities to embrace a new fundraising innovation and empower ‘change makers’ to support their charity in a new and rewarding way.

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