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Lost /
and stolen

If your Donate the Change accessory has been lost or stolen it is really important that you report the accessory lost or stolen as soon as possible in the Donate The Change app or on the website. Follow our short guides below to report your accessory lost or stolen.

Your Donate The Change Accessory’s chip will then be blocked so it can no longer be used. If you report your accessory lost or stolen but find it at a later date, for security reasons, you will not be able to reactivate your Donate The Change accessory and will need to get a new one. Reporting your accessory lost or stolen via the Donate The Change App or website

1. Login to your Donate The Change account

2. Click on the Menu Tab and select ‘Support’

3. Select ‘Lost or stolen’ tab

4. Click ‘Report Lost or Stolen

Donate The Change App Screenshots

Donate The Change App screen grabs

What to do if you don’t recognize a transaction on your account? Please contact us [link to help desk] and we will look into it for you asap. As soon as you notice your accessory has been lost or stolen, we recommend moving the money back to your card using the app or via the My Account section online.