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Benefits of using the
Donate the Change service

Use a Donate The Change payment accessory to make a difference to your charity & enjoy a better way to pay (click on the benefit to read more):

You’re in control

When you pay for something using a Donate The Change accessory a donation rule is automatically triggered to send your donation immediately to your charity.

How much you donate depends on the rules you set.
There are three options:

  1. Add a specific amount to each purchase, for example 20p. Every time you pay for something 20p is donated.
  2. Add a percentage to each purchase, for example 10%. If your bill comes to £4.80, 48p is donated.
  3. Round up to the nearest pound. For example, if your bill comes to £3.29 then 71p is donated.

You can also set a monthly cap if you want to limit the amount you donate in any given month. The minimum cap you can set is £2 per month. You can change these rules any time you like online or using our app, keeping you in control of your giving

Get Treats & Offers for using the service

Every time you pay for something using your Donate The Change accessory you earn Taps. The more you use your accessory the more Taps you earn and the better the rewards you can get.

You can also earn more Taps by taking part in activities in our app, like recommending a friend or watching the latest video from your charity.

You’ll be able to choose from a range of offers and discounts, including free coffees, visits to the cinema and discount dining cards.

Happy Tapping!

It’s safe & secure

The Donate The Change service includes a Mastercard® prepaid contactless chip that fits inside your accessory and is as safe as any contactless bank card.

We look after your personal data in a safe and secure way.  Your data is your data. We never sell, share, give or market your data. You are always in control of marketing communications – opting in or out any time you like.

The service is Free* to use

We want to make this service available to everyone. So once you’ve got your accessory, you can get spending without worrying about additional banking fees or charges. And because it is a prepaid contactless card, you are in even more control of your money.

*You can load your accessory using your debit card for free, and if you use your credit card, a 3.5% fee will be charged per load.

The fuss free way to pay!

No more fishing around to find your purse or wallet at the checkout. Simply load up your Donate The Change bracelet or keyring then tap wherever you see the contactless symbol to pay for anything £30 or under and away you go!


Empowering Inner-City Young People with Snowsports, Life-Skills, Qualifications and Vocational Opportunities since 2003

Snow-Camp are the UK’s only charity using a unique combination of skiing, snowboarding, life-skills sessions and vocational opportunities to support and empower disadvantaged young people. Currently working in London, Bristol, Glasgow, Cardiff and Birmingham, Snow-Camp programmes operate from indoor snow centres and artificial slopes, supporting local youth projects and giving young people their first ever experience of snowsports.

Young people can progress from absolute beginner through to qualified ski instructor over the course of a year as they move through Snow-Camp’s journey of nationally accredited programmes. As the young people progress, the programmes incorporate vocational training and further qualifications, leading to employment opportunities in the snowsports industry and full time apprenticeships with Snow-Camp.

Since being founded in 2003, over 8,500 young people have benefitted from Snow-Camp programmes, with over 900 taking part in the last year as the charity expands across the UK. The combination of snowsports alongside the delivery of qualifications, employment opportunities, life-skills and targeted youth work is an effective one – 87% of young people who completed Snow-Camp’s Programme Journey last year went on to positive destinations in either further education, employment or training.

Find out more about our work here:

Our award winning programmes

Snow-Camp are passionate about providing an alternative approach to engage young people by providing an energising environment at artificial ski slopes in the UK in order for them to build relationships, gain qualifications and employment opportunities. Watch the video to find out more about our programmes.

Why we Love Donate the Change

We are only able to do what we do thanks to the generosity of many wonderful supporters and we are so grateful to have your support. Every penny raised will make a big difference to the lives of the inner-city young people we work with. We’re so pleased to be a part of Donate The Change. This innovative programme could enable us to support many more young people across the UK.