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Donate The Change Partners with Willow


Donate The Change are so excited to be working with Willow and are thrilled to have them on board as one of our 15 launch partners, providing a new way for you to support them. We have been truly inspired by the hard work and dedication of the Willow team to create Special Days for hugely deserving young adults who are living with a life-threatening illness.

Donate The Change was set up to help charities create a revolutionary new way to raise money at little or no cost to them. We have launched a simple new service that puts you in control of donating small change to your charity using contactless.

Our range of contactless payment accessories allows you to go about your everyday shopping and donate your spare change at the same time. You can pay with just a tap of the wrist, so you can leave your purse or wallet at home. And as part of using the service you will have access to a range of treats and offers.

We wanted to work with Willow because they are the only UK charity who provide Special Days for seriously ill 16-40 year olds and we can see the positive difference these experiences can have for those young adults and their families. A number of the Donate The Change team commented how quality time with friends and family creates memories they can hold on to through difficult illnesses or after losing a loved one. And we believe that the work of Willow helps to create these special memories that families will treasure forever.

We can’t wait to see what you think of this new way to support Willow, and we hope that together we can help create even more Special Days.

Find out more about this new way to support Willow