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Donate The Change & 12 Launch Partner Charities Roll Out Innovative Digital Fundraising Capability with Huge Potential


When a Donate The Change bracelet or keyring is used to make a contactless payment, an automatic small donation to a chosen charity is triggered.

[London, December 2017]: Fintech company Donate The Change and 12 Charities have partnered to introduce a new service set to revolutionise digital fundraising opportunities for the UK charity sector. Designed and built to meet the current challenges faced by a number of charities (specifically; the challenges provided by society’s move towards being cashless, a lack of donor insights and the impact of GDPR on marketing opt-in), Donate The Change wearable accessories enable users to donate change from any contactless payment they make, to a charity of their choice, all with a simple ‘Tap’.

Donate The Change are powering a new era in charity fundraising by linking fintech and trends in consumer behaviour to enhance the donor experience whilst enabling charities to diversify their fundraising revenue streams.

A recent government report on the potential of digital technology in the charity sector evidenced that some charities had increased their overall giving by up to 600%, purely by adopting digital fundraising methods. Donate The Change is making digital fundraising a universal and accessible initiative to charities of all size and scale. It also offers the opportunity to streamline corporate fundraising and provide benefits to businesses and consumers through its Rewards Scheme.

The Donate The Change wearables, currently available as keyrings and bracelets, contain a prepaid chip that link to a secure digital wallet and can be used by anyone holding a UK-registered Mastercard or Visa debit or credit card.

When a purchase is made, it triggers an automatic donation to the user’s chosen charity, based on simple donation rules which the user sets and controls. Users manage their donations via an easy to use app which pairs with their wearable, enabling them to monitor their real-time balance and gain access to their transaction history. Also included is an automated top-up system which adds funds to their account should the balance fall below a pre-set level.

This fully managed technology service requires no merchant involvement or investment from charities, meaning it can be immediately leveraged by charities of any size through all contactless payment points throughout the UK, currently over 500,000.

Dimbleby Cancer Care said,  “we’re always looking for ways to make giving easier and Donate the Change is just that. It’s straightforward and easy to use, and above all it allows the donor to have full control of how much they donate and when. As a small charity with limited resources DTC have offered us a way to take donations easily and with no cost hidden extra costs, making sure every penny donated goes directly to supporting people living with cancer.”

Alex Smith, Founder of Harrison’s Fund said, “Donate the Change is at the forefront of contactless giving and we are delighted to be a part its launch. In today’s increasingly digital age we are always looking for ways to make giving easier for our supporters and this service offers just that. Their range of accessories appeals to all age ranges and we are excited to offer this fundraising experience to our supporters. For us, this is a real game changer for the future of individual charitable giving.

Lucy Buck, Founder, Child’s i Foundation said, “Donate The Change lets you do something special – turn spare change into real change for children. It might sound small, but it all adds up. It makes it so easy for you, as you’re going about your day,  to help us make sure that no more little lives are abandoned to life in an orphanage without the families they need to thrive. Spare change = lasting change”  


Mike Dunn, CEO of Donate the Change, said:

We are determined to revolutionise individual giving. We are the Charity champions and will fight every day to drive down the cost of fundraising and increase the number of UK donors into the fold.

We respect donors and the choices they make. We will acknowledge their generosity and selflessness, treat them with care and show them appreciation.


Any charities or businesses wishing to register their interest should contact