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Charities Struggle To Find Time For Innovation New Survey Reveals


In every industry there is always room for improvement and the opportunity to increase efficiencies, and for the charitable industry it is no different. But despite an increasingly challenging environment facing charities today there still seems to be a widespread lack of innovation in the sector. So where does the barrier lie for the majority of charitable organisations looking to innovate their business?

A recent Lucidity* survey looking at innovation in private and charity sectors has revealed that only 38% of respondents felt their organisation was acknowledging the importance of innovation and implementing it effectively. This indicates that whilst organisations understand that innovation is important in for overall organisational strategies to deliver efficiencies and to stay ahead of the competition, overwhelmingly 82% of employees felt that time was the biggest blocker. Most notably the day-to-day challenges were singled out as a reason for not investing time in innovation.

Lucy Gower, director of Lucidity said: “Societally, organisationally and as individuals, we are not achieving the pace or scale of change required to tackle the key issues we face. Innovation can help provide some of the answers we need, but to be successful, it needs to be done well. If they are to be the best they can be, organisations need to find ways to create time and budget for innovation.

Furthermore it appears that within larger organisations (£1m+ turnover) the ‘importance and quality of innovation reduces’. This appears to be due to dilution in perceived individual responsibility and poor leadership, as well as red tape and lack of time. On the other end of the spectrum, for smaller charities (<£500,000) the biggest hurdle to innovation appears to be perceived lack of skills and resources, despite their recognition that innovation is valuable.

Here at Donate The Change we are always looking to create new innovations and want to revolutionise the way people to donate to the charities they care about. We know that charities are hard at work and might not have the time or resource to dedicate to innovation, and that is why we want to offer our solution to charities of all size and scale. We do the innovation so you don’t have to.

Any charities interested in how Donate The Change could work for you please contact

*The survey was conducted by Lucidity, a consultancy that provides simple and practical ways to help individuals and organisations think clearly and get better results. The research was supported by Care2.

This article was inspired by Austin Clark’s “Lack of time is the single biggest barrier to innovation“, Charity Digital News, 30th January 2018