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There sure is a lot going on in the charity sector! We’ve rounded up some of the most interesting headlines and relevant news articles to give you an insight into the charitable giving world.

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Younger Donors Pledge to Donate More Than Parents’ Generation This Christmas


Christmas is a special time of year that brings people together to celebrate and share gifts. It is therefore no surprise that it is an…

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Getting in the Christmas Spirit: Marie Curie Memory Tree


This time of year is special for a whole range of people; it is a time for hot chocolate with whipped cream, sitting by the…

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Larger Charities pull ahead with digital capabilities, Lloyd’s Bank Business Digital Index 2017


The world is becoming an increasingly digital place and with this comes an expectation from consumers that they’ll be able to find the information they…

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Charity fundraising and data-protection practices in the sector are getting better


It seems an almost daily occurrence to hear about the looming GDPR regulations, data protection and criticisms over charity fundraising methods. Which is why is…

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Meet Our Launch Charities


Every day we are inspired by the amazing work of UK charities, especially our 12 launch charities. They work with true dedication and ambition to;…