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There sure is a lot going on in the charity sector! We’ve rounded up some of the most interesting headlines and relevant news articles to give you an insight into the charitable giving world.

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British Legion Introduce Contactless Poppy Appeal


The rise of contactless technology is a hot topic this week! We’re always pleased to see charities taking advantage of new technologies to increase donation…

Donate The Change

Contactless card popularity leads to empty donation buckets


  We have seen a number of articles in the last few months highlighting the rise of contactless cards and their high adoption rate in…

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Mother in line for inspirational national award


It’s fantastic to see one our launch charities being recognised for their outstanding work. Alex Eades, from Charlotte’s BAG has been shortlisted for ITV’s Inspirational…

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RNLI sees ‘significant’ fall in donations after move to opt-in fundraising


Kirsty Weakley, 29th September 2017, Civil Society   The sector is certainly going through a challenging period with; looming GDPR regulations; cuts in government funding;…

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Donate The Change Accelerating Innovation For Charities


Will contactless be King? 21 September 2017, Third Sector More payments were made with cards last year than with cash, but much of the charity…